RPG Character: Fortune (Evil Tiefling Psion)

17 Nov

I’ve spent a bit of time making a character for a forum-based RPG I want to join. I’m quite happy with the result, and don’t mind sharing it with others.

It was fun creating an evil character which could also work with a party. I also enjoyed making a different type of character compared to what I usually make.

My application post: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?p=4995805#post4995805


One of my all-time favorite mangas

9 Nov

I know this is the first post here. I intend to keep the posts on this blog shorter — and hopefully more frequent — than on my last blog. I guess I will write long stuff sometimes, but when I can, I’ll try to keep it short. Knowing myself, I’ll settle for fairly short as well.

On to the actual topic of the post: Angel Densetsu (translated to something like “Legend of an Angel”)

It’s not just one of my all-time favorite mangas, but all-time favorite cartoons. I’ve read through the entire thing at least 3 times. If it was possible to buy it in english, I would.

The artwork starts out fairly bad. I personally think it’s not too bad at the beginning either — you got to start someplace — and it is always clear what is going on. But if you look at the first and final chapter, you’ll see a vast improvement.

As for why I like it… For a start, it’s really hilarious. I’ve laughed out loud while reading it for myself several times.

I really enjoy the characters. They are really so well fleshed out that they run the story all by themselves. My personal favorite is Ikuno: So refreshingly direct, honest and careless about what she’s saying.

What more can I say? A lot of minor stuff, but the main point is that it’s just plain entertaining to read.

It was also entertaining to read what Tropes it had gotten on tv-tropes.org. In particular, all the lampshade hanging.

After Yagi Norihiro finished Angel Densetsu, he followed up with Claymore. I can safely recommend that, too. I have bought every single of the books, despite reading them online as soon as they’re fan-translated.